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About the Nikkei

Introducing the Nikkei
The Nikkei stands alone as Japan’s leading business daily newspaper and provides a wealth of economic information nationwide, supplying the latest news coverage via its morning and afternoon editions. The Nikkei’s independent, global news-gathering network generates a wealth of in-depth reports and quality information on the economy, politics, markets and finance, industries and companies, and science and technology.
As the definitive source for authoritative information, the Nikkei is the most influential newspaper among principal decision-makers around the nation, including the vast majority of top executives as well as middle managers of leading Japanese enterprises, financial specialists and policymakers.
The Nikkei’s influence extends beyond businesspeople to a broad spectrum of the Japanese public through its unique coverage of sports, life and culture. Readers are highly educated, well-informed individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds. Influential and innovative, they are also top-level consumers with high disposable incomes and abundant savings.
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The Six Key Characteristics of the Nikkei
Since 1876, the Nikkei has provided accurate and timely news coverage of important developments in every aspect of society, with a central focus on domestic and international economic news.
Unique in Japan
  The Nikkei is Japan’s only national daily business newspaper, and covers the latest economic, business and general news nationwide twice a day through its morning and afternoon editions.
Rich in Tradition
  The Nikkei has enjoyed a strong reputation both at home and abroad for its impartial and accurate news coverage ever since its founding in 1876.
Global Network and Wide Coverage
  The Nikkei operates its own global news-gathering network to provide readers with detailed coverage of a broad range of areas including economics, business, politics, markets and finance, industries and companies, science and technology, and sports and culture.
World’s Largest Circulation
  The Nikkei boasts the world’s largest circulation for a daily economic and business newspaper, with over 3 million copies.
Quality Journalism
  The Nikkei offers its readers pertinent, quality reporting of developments in Japan and the world based on fair and perceptive analysis. By maintaining our accurate and objective viewpoint, the Nikkei has earned a fine reputation as a trusted news source.
Vigorous Consumer Readership
  The Nikkei has the largest readership comprised of top and middle managers, and our readers are also strong and active as consumers.
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