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Company and Fact Sheet

Company Profile
Nikkei Inc. acts as an operating holding company with newspaper businesses as a core. Group operations range from books, magazines to digital media, database services, broadcasting and other activities such as economic and cultural events.
Company Name: Nikkei Inc.

Naotoshi Okada

Capital: 2,500 mil. Yen
Established: December 2, 1876
Domestic news bureaus: 54 locations
Overseas news bureaus: 35 locations
Main business segments
Main newspaper: The Nikkei
Specialized newspapers: The Nikkei Business Daily
The Nikkei MJ
The Nikkei Veritas

Nikkei Asian Review

Online services: Nikkei Online Edition

Nikkei Asian Review

Data base and financial news services: Nikkei Telecom 21
NEEDS serivices
Quick corp.
Index business: Nikkei Stock Average
Cultural and business events: Symposiums, seminars, art exhibitions, concerts, etc.
Group companies
Group companies
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