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Major Contents of the Nikkei

Best Format for Effectively Communicating Information
The single constant focus of the Nikkei is the economy, but to respond to the diversified information needs of readers, it also covers sports, culture and daily life. Along with these regular articles, there is an additional supplement on Saturdays (NIKKEI Plus 1) as well as a monthly magazine supplement (THE NIKKEI MAGAZINE), both offering extensive coverage on topics closely related to lifestyle and cultural interests.
The Nikkei Morning Edition
  The Nikkei’s morning edition provides a broad range of information, laid out in a clear, functional manner.
Contents of The Nikkei Morning Edition
A Close Look at the Front Page of the Nikkei
    1) Nikkei masthead
    2) Lead articles

The front page’s lead articles communicate the day’s major news from an economic viewpoint. Front-page articles in the Nikkei also have a strong impact on business, industry and the markets. The front page is where the Nikkei’s unique perspective is most evident.

    3) Table of contents

The Nikkei’s table of contents gives a brief summary of five major news stories of the day.

    4) Tokyo markets

Gives the previous day’s prices for the Nikkei Stock Average, currency exchange rates and long-term interest rates.

    5) Series articles

The upper left-hand corner of the front page often features series articles giving in-depth coverage of everyday topics. Series articles like these, which examine serious themes head-on at much greater length than is possible in a single article, are a favorite with the Nikkei readers.

  NIKKEI Plus 1 is designed to match the interests of affluent readers who want a full and luxurious lifestyle. It offers readers intellectual stimulation through a broad range of articles covering lifestyles and culture and is full of interesting stories, practical tips and helpful information for consumers. NIKKEI Plus 1 captures readers’ attention and has proved to be an ideal medium for reaching high-profile individuals in the Japanese market.
  THE NIKKEI MAGAZINE is targeted at core readers of the Nikkei residing in the Tokyo metropolitan area, where the household expenditure level is exceptionally high for Japan. The magazine strives to pursue themes that encourage curiosity of the Nikkei readers who demand quality in all aspects of their lives. THE NIKKEI MAGAZINE distinguishes itself as a newspaper supplement with its bold graphic art by a well-known Japanese designer and impressive, informative content.
   Standard advertising units

The format of the NIKKEI is broadsheet. Each page is 380mm (14- 15/16 inches) wide and 512.5mm (20- 3/16 inches) deep, and consists of 15 horizontal columns, each 32mm (1- 1/4 inches) high.


As a rule, articles and advertisements’ layout is based on horizontal columns. Standard advertising units are shown below.

Standard advertising units
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