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Information Sources

Surveys referred to in this Media Data
The Comprehensive Newspaper Survey (J-READ) 2009
Respondents:Men and women aged 15–69 nationwide
Number of samples:28,742
Date of survey:October 2009
Survey conducted by:Video Research, Inc.
The Japan Business Readership Survey (BE: Japan 2010)
Respondents:Chairpersons, presidents and chief executives in
individual areas of operations, in domestic companies
and financial institutions and foreign-affiliate
companies and financial institutions (with 250
employees or more) located in Japan
Number of samples:757
Date of survey:Feb.–Apr., 2010
Survey conducted by:Ipsos-RSL (London), Adams Communications (Tokyo)
The Nikkei Corporate Image Survey 2009
Respondents:Men and women/businesspeople aged 18–69
Number of samples: 9,428 (general)/11,804 (businesspeople)
Date of survey:July–September 2009
Survey conducted by:Nikkei Research Inc.
The Nikkei Readership Survey 2009
Respondents:Readers of the Nikkei residing in Tokyo
Number of samples:1,382
Date of survey:October–November, 2009
Survey conducted by:Nikkei Research Inc.
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