Major Contents & Ad Rates

From the Global and Domestic Economy
to the Household Economy

Topics covered
by the NIKKEI

International News

Articles on the global economy, centering on news compiled from Nikkei's overseas bureaus.

Economic Lectures

Expert analysis of recent events focusing on economic issues.

Front-page news

Main news stories focusing on politics, economics and industry helps readers grasp social and economic trends.

Corporate news

Information on broad topics ranging from corporate developments that have an impact on industries in general, to the performance and strategies of major firms and their people.

Regional Economic

Information focusing on locality where the newspaper is delivered with particular attention to economic news.

Political News

Focuses on the latest political news with close ties to the economy, such as consumption tax reform, oil and energy issues, etc.


Conveys useful information on personal stock and bond related products along with services provided by securities companies and newly listed corporations.

Consumer Information

Useful consumer information such as new product launches by manufacturers, new retail and services.

Economic News

Information for gauging economic movements is provided by reporting on developments that have significant economic impact.


Reporting on various movements in the market including the Nikkei Stock Average and TOPIX indices, stock, bonds, foreign currencies and commodity futures.


News related to society and social events are covered from the perspective of consumers who play an important role in the economy.

Financial News

Offers current information on the activities of financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, securities firms and non-banks.


Stock prices from previous trading day, covering TSE first & second sections, the OSE, NSE, JASDAQ, Mothers and so on.


On the back page, a diverse variety of cultural news including art, literature, history, folklore, archaeology and natural science helps expand reader knowledge.

Advertising Spaces
and Rates

Overseas Bases map

No. of
Size (mm)
(Width x Height)
Rate Excluding Tax (yen)
Center Spread 786.5×512.5 4-Color 47,880,000  
Black and White 40,530,000  
A 15 full cols. 380.0×512.5 4-Color 25,300,000 19,220,000
Black and White 20,400,000 16,320,000
B 10 full cols. 380.0×341.0 4-Color 18,920,000  
Black and White 14,020,000  
C 7 full cols. 380.0×238.0 4-Color 14,552,000 10,703,000
Black and White 10,052,000 8,043,000
D 5 full cols. 380.0×169.5 4-Color 11,860,000 8,550,000
Black and White 7,360,000 5,890,000
E 3 full cols. 380.0×100.5 4-Color 9,072,000  
Black and White 4,572,000  
F 2 full cols. 380.0×66.5 4-Color 7,602,000  
Black and White 3,102,000  
G 7 half cols. 189.5×238.0 4-Color 9,834,000  
Black and White 5,334,000  
H 5 half cols. 189.5×169.5 4-Color 8,377,500  
Black and White 3,877,500  
I 3 half cols. 189.5×100.5 4-Color  
Black and White 2,364,000  
J 2 half cols. 189.5×66.5 4-Color  
Black and White 1,576,000  
K Side box 52.5×66.5 4-Color  
Black and White 579,000  
L Island 70.0×32.0 4-Color  
Black and White 529,000  

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