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The Nikkei Online Edition is an online subscription service that continues to evolve.

The Nikkei Online Edition was launched in March 2010. Building on the newspaper's tradition of quality and reliable information, it has won the support of leaders of the business world and a great number of businesspeople. Furthermore, with articles and content provided exclusively to the online edition and with the introduction of new functions and services that meet the demands of the mobile age, there have been an increasing number of subscribers. The Nikkei Online Edition has become the first fee-charging news site to gain more than 500,000 members.

Features of the Nikkei
Online Edition

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  • In addition to the full text of articles from the morning and afternoon editions, users can read a wide range of original content created for the online edition.Six main specialized sections: “Business Leader,” “Markets,” “Money,” “Technology,” “Life,” “Sports”
  • A variety of easy-to-use functions, including the automatic gathering of articles based on registered keywords, saving, searching and sending articles by email.
  • Paying members of the Nikkei Online Edition can use the Page Viewer app to view articles as they appear in the print edition. The number of users of the application is approximately 250,000 (as of May 2017).

No. of Registered Members and Monthly Access

Monthly Access

Source: NIKKEI Media Report (June 2017)

Registered Members

Source: NIKKEI Media Report (June 2017)

*Registered Members (Free Members):Members who have registered their attributes and are allowed to access some of the contents provided to paying members

Cross-Media Effects

By utilizing both Nikkei’s print and online editions for your advertisements, you not only increase the frequency and reach of those advertisements to both our print & digital subscribers, but you can also help improve and deepen the readers’ degree of understanding.

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Source: J-READ (National Newspaper Readership Survey) October 2016